Despite the recommendations from medical fraternity that sleeping on the back is ideal, more number of people typically sleeps on the sides. It is therefore necessary to identify mattresses that are most suitable for side sleepers. Individuals who sleep on their backs require a certain type of mattresses, which is entirely different from the mattress requirements of people who sleep on their sides. Here is an all that you need to know about the effect of latex mattresses from Mattress Sales Fort Worth on side sleepers.

Why latex mattresses are suitable for side sleepers

The quantity of cushioning effect offered by latex mattresses makes it the most suitable mattress for side sleepers. Unlike back sleepers, who require lesser contouring, side sleepers need mattresses that offer complete contouring support. This helps to align the spine offering enhance the spinal health. A side sleeper whose sleeps on a very firm mattress will experience discomfort as the spine will not be aligned. Latex mattresses from Mattress Sales Fort Worth offer just the right amount of firmness making it suitable for side sleepers.


Support that reduces pressure at specific points.

Every individual who sleeps on his side requires support that will reduce the pressure on the hips and shoulder. The support should not be too much, or too little. With the right level of support the hips and shoulder will rest perfectly creating desired spinal alignment. This requires medium support which will strike the right balance. Latex mattresses are default choices when it comes to offering this right kind of support levels.

Latex mattresses of multiple layers to support side sleepers of different weight categories

Multiple layer latex mattresses from Mattress Sales Fort Worth are suitable for sleepers of different weight categories. For instance an overweight individual refers to sleep on his side, requires a mattress that has a more layers, for greatest support with comfort. Similarly individuals who sleep on their side and are not very heavy will require appropriate comfort levels and firmness in the mattress. Latex mattresses are the best choice here because of the wide choice of differently baled mattresses available.


There are many advantages of sleeping on the side, and it is therefore necessary to choose the right kind of mattress to enjoy advantages. For instance, individual to sleep on their sides enjoy proper spinal alignment, better breathing, and lesser pressure on joints. This is especially true in the situation of individuals who suffer from joint pain or arthritis. Sleeping sideways with the knees slightly pulled up in that is similar to the fetal position will help to significantly reduce the pain and discomfort.

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