Popularly known as cooling mattresses, these mattresses are meant for use by hot sleepers. Unlike other mattresses, cooling mattresses sport advanced designs and are made from different materials which help to cool the mattress. The innovative designs used in cooling mattresses and Adjustable Beds Fort Worth make use of the unique qualities of different materials to offer the right product. Materials which are traditionally used in mattresses are infused or modified to create different products. Here’s a look at some of the different materials used in cooling mattresses.

Memory foam mattresses

The designs and structure of memory foam mattresses are presently being tweaked to transform them into cooling mattresses and Adjustable Beds Fort Worth. By virtue of higher density, memory format trap and retain heat. This results in hot mattresses which are unsuitable for hot sleepers. New designs of memory foam mattress this involve a blending of materials to reduce the density. By reducing the density manufacturers are able to create cooling mattresses.


Gel infused foams

These mattresses work towards bringing down the temperature by absorbing the heat. The combination of heat absorption qualities and the action of wicking away from the heat, help to regulate the temperature of the mattress. These mattresses make use of gel infused forms for the purpose of reducing the heat. For more details visit

Latex foam mattresses

Considered as one among the most suitable materials for cooling mattresses, latex foam mattresses are popular among hot sleepers. The material maintains neutral temperature and quickly conducts the heat, which helps to transfer the heat away from the mattress and Adjustable Beds Fort Worth. The lower density and durability add to the qualities that make latex foam mattresses a popular choice for cooling effect.


Coil and spring mattresses

Regarded as traditional bed mattresses, these comprise a combination of coils and springs in multiple layers. These mattresses generally have coils in the core with foam layers on the surface. The coils create a gap within the mattress, helping to quickly remove the heat from the upper layers of the mattress. These mattresses are suitable for certain categories of individuals and also help to keep the occupant cool.


The different materials and designs used in cooling mattresses are all targeted at hot sleepers. The whole idea is to reduce the temperature at the point of contact between the occupant and the mattress. This helps to reduce the uncomfortable heat experienced by hot sleepers as a result of different metabolic activity. To get directions to our business visit

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